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Next-Gen Certificate Management Platform

Lohika spearheads the implementation of a new solution based on the latest architecture trends and cloud technologies


The existing PKI solution required tremendous effort for the initial deployment, and once deployed, keeping it up-to-date and managing updates across versions and customers in a unified manner was a non-trivial task. Also, the existing PKI solution did not cover modern workflows, such as support for the growing number of IoT devices. In addition, an extremely outdated technology stack significantly impeded the engineering teams from releasing new features as quickly as desired.


Our client is a well-known digital security company that provides public key infrastructure and validation services required for issuing digital certificates. Their SSL tools and enterprise-grade platform simplifies management, automates certificate tasks and gives organizations the power to customize certificate-issuing workflows to fit their needs.


The Lohika engagement started in Dec 2018 with a mission to design and implement a solution for the emerging IoT market. In general, IoT scenarios are very different from the regular certificate-issuing workflow due to device manufacturing scale and process specifics. The idea behind the solution was to extend the existing application with new microservices to cover new workflows and build the foundation for a modern infrastructure based on Kubernetes.

Our team designed and implemented a modern solution with a newly designed web UI using the latest reactive Java/Spring and TypeScript/React stacks with containerized deployment. Initially, the solution was delivered as a new microservice. However, with time, the architecture naturally evolved to multiple microservices that cover specific domains and different workflows. 

Currently, two Lohika full-stack teams holistically own the delivery of enterprise-specific and IoT-specific microservices, and cover back-end, web UI, test automation of back-end API and front-end, and CI/CD.

In parallel, Lohika DevOps experts are heavily involved in the design and development of a new container-based infrastructure – a secure, scalable and manageable solution based on IaC, Docker and Kubernetes.


The new solution is a breakthrough in the cybersecurity market. It is fast and flexible, with a clear separation of workflows, and follows a “deploy anywhere” approach. It rolls out in a matter of hours, not days, stays secure with automatic updates and provides fine-grained and scalable deployment.

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