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Lohika helps high-growth companies scale and get their product to market faster with remote engineering teams.

Lohika engineering services are built for a singular purpose.

We help VPE and CTO clients accelerate their time to market by scaling their engineering organizations. Since 2001, Lohika has hired and managed remote engineering teams to help growth-stage companies extend their own software development teams. This model was developed in response to a crisis in resourcing, where many companies were not able to find and hire the right tech talent for their engineering organizations.

Lohika engineers work with the most demanding technology clients in the world, including Okta, Twilio, Forward Networks, PagerDuty and Airbnb. Lohika clients have depended on our teams doing complex core development to extend their capabilities without lowering the quality of their products.

9 out of 10 clients say Lohika teams are as good as or better than their own.

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey

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Recent events have forced companies to reconsider how and where their workforce shows up to work.
With remote engineering teams poised and ready, Lohika is uniquely positioned to provide clients with multiple solutions for building out their software development teams.
Consulting and Advisory Services

We help our clients stay ahead of leading-edge technology changes with highly-specialized consulting and advisory services.

Vertical Engineering Expertise

Lohika vertical engineering expertise teams use cutting edge technologies to help clients disrupt their industries.

Engineering Services

Lohika engineers display more than technical talent – they are also critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers.

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Let’s talk about how Lohika can help you scale your engineering organization.