It takes more than a dream to go from start-up to scale up.

Built for a singular purpose: Lohika helps high-growth tech companies scale.

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A passion for building what hasn't been built. Yet.
It takes courage and ambition to build new products. It also takes a unique engineering culture that’s willing and able to go with you. Lohika was built for a singular purpose – to help growth stage companies scale their teams to build the next Big Thing.

Built For a Singular Purpose

Lohika helps high-growth tech companies scale.

Complex Core
Lohika engineering services focus on core development only, using the latest technologies and software frameworks.
Our culture aligns well with our clients' – with a start-up mindset, spirit and speed.
The Lohika
Developed over the past 17 years, our model applies an agile, integrated and transparent process.

97% of clients say that Lohika provides the right engineers

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey

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“Scaling your team’s impact” with PagerDuty’s Gautam Prabhu
Today it`s more important than ever to empower engineering teams to do their best work. Register now for our “Scaling your team’s impact” Ask-Me-Anything webinar featuring Gautam Prabhu, VP of Engineering at PagerDuty to learn how to streamline your teams’ processes, remove barriers to developing great products and build great teams that deliver with impact.
ELC Summit 2020
ELC Summit 2020 is an annual celebration for engineering leaders. This year's conference takes place October 15-16, 2020 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.
SaaStr Annual 2020
SaaStr Annual 2020 is a leading conference for SaaS executives, founders and VCs. It takes place in March 2020 at the San Jose Convention Center.

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