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Global and Silicon Valley engineering events for VPEs and CTOs.

Live Q&A at Elevate 2020

Elevate is this year’s largest gathering focused on engineering & product leadership

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Turning Adversity into Advantage: New Ways of Hiring and Managing Technology Teams

Join our host Raman Frey, the founder of Good People Dinners as he welcomes Jordan Burton, founder of Burton Advisors in our first episode of Lohika Rethink.

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Ep. 3: Why Every Engineering Leader Needs a Management Philosophy with Lawrence Bruhmuller

Join us for our next Lohika-sponsored Plato webinar with Lawrence Bruhmuller, Chief Technology Officer at Optimizely. Lawrence is passionate about evolving technical architecture, improving operational excellence and creating a great workplace culture. Prior to Optimizely, he was VP of Engineering at WeWork, ClearSlide and Symantec. His management philosophy is founded on the belief that self-organizing teams are one of the best ways to build great products. Join us as he explains why.

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ELC Summit 2020

ELC Summit 2020 is an annual celebration for engineering leaders. ELC Summit 2020 is a virtual event that takes place over 4 days in October and November.

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