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Global and Silicon Valley engineering events for VPEs and CTOs.

Blitzscaling for Engineering Leaders: How to Lead Teams During Lightning-Fast Growth

Chris Yeh explains the principles of blitzscaling, then advises engineering leaders how they can best lead their teams during rapid growth.

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Silicon Valley Secrets: How Fintech Start-Up Engineering Leaders Manage Rapid Scaling

Silicon Valley Secrets: How Fintech Startup Engineering Leaders Manage Rapid Scaling

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Managing High-Performing Engineering Teams

Join us for a live Q&A featuring Nitesh Kumar, Head of Machine Learning at Affirm. The Q&A is hosted by our friends at Plato, a mentorship platform for engineering leaders. At the live event, you’ll be able to ask and upvote questions for Nitesh.

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Scaling Sustainably From Seed to IPO

Lead Dev webinar: scaling sustainably from seed to IPO

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How to Encourage and Develop Female Software Engineers

In the U.S., women make up only 18% of computer science graduates today. This percentage has seen a steady decline over the past few decades.
Why is the percentage so low and what can we do about it?
In this online event, Lohika Re:think host Raman Frey will explore this topic with Valli Nachiappan, Senior Director of Engineering at Zendesk. Not only does Valli lead a large team of software engineers, she started her career as one.
Learn what it was like for Valli to be a software engineer on teams comprised mostly of men. Hear her thoughts on how leaders can encourage and develop the female software engineers on their teams.

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Elevate Spring Summit 2021

Elevate Spring Summit 2021 is a half-day virtual event hosted by Plato.

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