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Global and Silicon Valley engineering events for VPEs and CTOs.

ELC Summit 2020

ELC Summit 2020 is an annual celebration for engineering leaders. ELC Summit 2020 is a virtual event that takes place over 4 days in October and November.

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How Vulnerability Can Strengthen Engineering Leaders

Register for our Live Q&A on Nov 18, 2020, where we'll discuss why vulnerability is a critical quality for any engineering leader.

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Ep. 3: Why Every Engineering Leader Needs a Management Philosophy with Lawrence Bruhmuller

Join us for our next Lohika-sponsored Plato webinar with Lawrence Bruhmuller, Chief Technology Officer at Optimizely. Lawrence is passionate about evolving technical architecture, improving operational excellence and creating a great workplace culture. Prior to Optimizely, he was VP of Engineering at WeWork, ClearSlide and Symantec. His management philosophy is founded on the belief that self-organizing teams are one of the best ways to build great products. Join us as he explains why.

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