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Partnering with cybersecurity company Virtru to give everyone more control over their data.


Virtru is a Washington DC-based cybersecurity company that needed a partner to help with product releases. The Lohika team helped them double their engineering capacity in less than two months to develop their gateway capabilities and their SDKs.

“The biggest challenge is super clear: it's talent. The way that Lohika operates has really helped us manage a period of very exciting scale at Virtru.”

John Ackerly, CEO and Co-founder at Virtru


Virtru was challenged to find top quality engineers with crypto talent for their Washington DC-based cyber security company.

“We view Lohika as an extension of the Virtru core team and we have very smart engineers that set high standards.”

John Ackerly

94% of clients say Lohika teams work closely together with their own internal teams.

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