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When Prysm needed a partner to help with collaboration software, they called Lohika.


A manufacturer of large video screens, Prysm also builds sophisticated collaboration software. With Lohika, they got a partner with deep Microsoft experience who was invested in their success.

“Lohika has a solid software engineering culture. They're doing things that are exciting. They're well-trained and they're invested in our success.”

Stuart Monks, SVP of Collaboration Solutions at Prysm


Prysm had to find the right partner to help them save time to get to market faster with their collaboration software.

“When you're a small company in a fast-changing environment, you worry about time and money. The ideal is to spend a little bit of money and gain a lot of time. Our partnership with Lohika allowed us to gain six months.”

Stuart Monks

90% of clients say Lohika teams are as good or better than their own teams.

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey


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