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Helping 98point6 with their mission to provide high quality health care to everyone in the U.S.


When 98point6 needed help in ensuring a continuous delivery of their health care software, Lohika teams automated manual work to run seamlessly across multiple platforms. This automation allowed 98point6 to streamline their delivery at a lower cost and provide a higher quality end result to their customers.

“I'm a Lohika repeat customer. When I moved to 98point6 and needed help with engineering challenges there, Lohika was the first company that came to mind.”

Damon Lanphear, CTO at 98point6


98point6 needed to build a continuous delivery system for their health care software product, while ensuring that it was flawless for patients.

“At the end of the day, it all comes back to patient trust. When you're in time of need, that health care software has to work. Lohika is instrumental to ensuring that for us.”

Damon Lanphear

94% of clients say they would work with Lohika again.

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