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Helping 98point6 with their mission to provide high quality health care to everyone in the U.S.


When 98point6 needed help in ensuring a continuous delivery of their health care software, Lohika teams automated manual work to run seamlessly across multiple platforms. This automation allowed 98point6 to streamline their delivery at a lower cost and provide a higher quality end result to their customers.

“I'm a Lohika repeat customer. When I moved to 98point6 and needed help with engineering challenges there, Lohika was the first company that came to mind.”

Damon Lanphear, CTO at 98point6


98point6 needed to build a continuous delivery system for their health care software product, while ensuring that it was flawless for patients.

“At the end of the day, it all comes back to patient trust. When you're in a time of need, that health care software has to work. Lohika is instrumental to ensuring that for us.”

Damon Lanphear

94% of clients say they would work with Lohika again.

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The Lohika engagement started in 2016. Initially, Lohika was brought in to help the engineering organization grow quickly and deliver key features requested by the market on time. The Lohika team delivered a few important milestones on time.

Throughout the engagement, the Lohika dev team contributed to the development of all components of the system: backend (Java, Dropwizard), front-end (React/Redux, Redux-saga), mobile (Android and iOS), ETL and reporting (Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS).

The Lohika QA team was involved in the early stages. The QA team designed and implemented a test framework, then defined essential test scenarios and created test automation suites (Geb and Selenium). Over time, we increased the automation test coverage, and created tests for web, iOS and Android apps.

Automation became an important part of the product delivery process with a go/no-go gatekeeper for all platforms. Both iOS and Android native clients were covered by Appium following the BDD process. We integrated test execution with third party testing platform providers (e.g., SauceLabs, BrowserStack) for web and mobile-native clients. Our QA team continues to manage this process today.

Starting from the ground up, the Lohika QA team set a significant level of test coverage, improved reliability and reduced test execution time by implementing a test code review process. The Lohika team designed and created from scratch a shared Java test library to provide a common approach that can be reused across all test codebases.

On top of that, the Lohika team delivered a load and performance test framework (leveraging Gatling) to emulate realistic high-load scenarios on the system. Performance tests helped to identify DB bottlenecks and prevent performance issues from reaching production The Lohika team ensured that the service can not only handle the expected load, but can predict and mitigate potential risks in advance.


The Lohika development team boosted feature development when our client needed it the most. As a result, they achieved their business goals and secured the next round of funding.

The Lohika QA team provisioned top-notch expertise and test automation to the engineering organization.The team successfully managed the quality, stability, and availability of the client’s next generation, HIPAA-compliant primary care platform.

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