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Helping Inspo Network get their MVP to market on time.


Lifestyle content company Inspo Network needed to create and launch an MVP within 15 months. With Lohika, they were able to launch within two weeks of their target date.

“With Lohika, I've been able to push the envelope and challenge their engineers and they handle it with ease.”

Clay Colburn, CTO at Inspo Network


Start up Inspo Network was looking for teams to help them get their MVP ready, all while competing for talent with Seattle’s tech giants.

“Lohika is on par with any team I've run from a talent perspective. They're above the bar in ownership. They really care about the product, the customer, the output. These are aspects you can't teach.”

Clay Colburn

95% of clients say Lohika is interested in their success.

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey


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