Born and Raised in Silicon Valley

The Lohika story is an exciting one – born and raised in Silicon Valley, we’ve helped hundreds of tech companies develop the world’s most advanced and disruptive products and platforms.

Built for a Singular Purpose

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Our purpose is to enable high-growth companies to thrive and succeed with elite engineering talent.

Most high growth technology companies face brutal challenges to attract, recruit and retain the best engineers. At the same time, the traditional outsourcing model is totally broken – the large, established vendors are not in any sense suitable for complex core development within a start-up environment.

It is this challenge that Lohika was built to address. Our mission is to transform our clients’ engineering from being bottlenecks to growth drivers, making engineering leaders the heroes in their companies.

Complex Core Development

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While the traditional outsourcing vendors seek the comfort of peripheral engineering tasks and can at best only maintain legacy code, our clients assign the same core development work to their Lohika teams as they do to their own. The expectations and the outcomes are the same.

Our clients are driven to develop the most disruptive and impressive products and services. Lohika shares this passion – it is what we were built for.

The bigger the challenge, the more we thrive.

Start-Up Culture: Fast and Agile

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The Lohika culture is modeled after our clients’ cultures and our teams are tightly integrated with theirs. We become one and the same with our clients: start-up in mind, spirit and speed. We are able to attract the best and brightest engineers, as we provide them the opportunity to work with the most exciting start-ups on the planet.

The Lohika Model – Perfected Over 17 Years

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Our groundbreaking engagement model of remote agile teams has been built, refined and perfected over a long period of time. We work with the most demanding and successful companies in Silicon Valley and other technology hubs around the world.

95% of clients say Lohika teams work closely with their teams.

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey

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We found that with the Lohika team, we had full confidence they could jump in and perform as well as our Twilio engineers.

We brought Lohika into the main engineering circle and that was the start of a great relationship. We treat them as one. They're on the same email aliases, they commit to the same code lines. Their combination of engineering expertise, management and passion, it's fantastic.

Lohika is part of our core development team, developing some really important product capabilities, particularly many of the end-user facing capabilities.

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