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Providing Polycom with security service software teams for a competitive advantage.


When Polycom needed help in augmenting their security services, they called Lohika, gaining flexibility and an advantage over their competitors, as well as a 300% increase in quality.

“What keeps me coming back to Lohika is talent on tap. They have deep talent and skills that are second to none.”

Don Williams, Head of Engineering at Polycom


Polycom needed a team of core developers to help augment their security services, in a highly competitive landscape for talent.

“When you get high quality code to market on time, you avoid do-overs. Be careful, because cheap isn’t cheap. Your reputation is at stake. Getting the right partner like Lohika is important.”

Don Williams

94% of clients say they would work with Lohika again.

*Results of Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey


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