Wondering how so many VCs succeed in bringing their portfolio companies to IPOs? Lohika is part of the reason.

Lohika engineering teams have worked with Okta, Airbnb, PagerDuty and other high-growth companies to help them scale quickly and go to market faster.

The Valley’s Best Kept Secret

Less known is your preferred access to leverage one of the premiere software engineering partners in the world. Specializing in core development for fast-growing VC-backed startups, Lohika builds innovative products and services to accelerate time to market. It’s the secret sauce for many VCs who need to accelerate their portfolio companies’ MVPs to get to market faster

For nearly a decade, Lohika has successfully partnered with high-growth, VC-backed companies including Airbnb, PagerDuty, Okta, Forward Networks, Asana, Earnin and Pinterest as well as former clients including Buzzfeed, Coinbase, Rappi and SnapLogic.

There are a lot of risks and peril with outsourcing. We had very favorable recommendations for Lohika from other companies in the Andreessen Horowitz portfolio. We spun up a trial team that worked well and we've continued to grow ever since.

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Brian P Rogan
VP, Business Development Software Product Engineering