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Cybersecurity Company

Lohika split a monolith application into microservices and helped with migration into the cloud.


The client had a legacy Ruby monolith application and the need to split it into microservices along with migration into the cloud. The new architecture should be scalable, maintainable, and cost-efficient. One of the critical aspects was business continuity, so the migration process should not affect existing business processes.


Our client is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to be both mobile and secure. The client's cloud solution identifies connections that would otherwise go unseen. It predicts and stops mobile attacks before they can do harm. The decisions are made by analyzing millions of mobile sensors and virtually all the mobile code in the world. The world’s leading mobile network operators have added the mobile security solution to their security package.


Our partnership started back in 2015 and the first Lohika team was involved in all stages of microservices migration. This involvement included migration of infrastructure and functionality, as well as code clean-up. Our engineers started with splitting the monolith and developed several new microservices in Scala. They rolled them out into production without any downtime. As soon as these micro-services were live, corresponding functionality was removed from the monolith application. Over time Lohika expanded and has now taken ownership of 22 Ruby, Scala, and Java microservices. Also, the teams organized 24/7 on-call production L3 support with strict SLAs. The Lohika teams own and support services related to external and internal authentication, billing transactions, customer functionality, and customer care.


The client successfully transitioned the major part of the monolithic application functionality to microservices architecture. After the migration to AWS cloud was successfully completed, there was a cost optimization initiative of AWS resources, and as a result, the costs for EC2 services were decreased by 42% and the costs for DB storage services were decreased by 97%. Also, the client improved production reliability by delegating 24/7 production L3-support of existing main services in production to Lohika.

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