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Identity Management Provider for Enterprises

Lohika team has developed thousands of application integrations that incorporate about a half of the existing ones into the single-sign-on application catalog.


The identity management solution provides the effortless single-sign-on experience of the end-clients between different applications. One of the main challenges is that the solution is completely dependent on third-party APIs. The API providers do not always notify of upcoming changes, so this can result in service degradation and even downtime.


Our client is an identity management provider for enterprises. Nowadays, it connects employees of the world's largest organizations with their partners, suppliers, and customers using on-premise agents for Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS. With integrations into over 5,000 applications like Gmail, JIRA, O365 Outlook, O365 OneDrive, NetSuite, Salesforce, Facebook via SAML, OAuth2, SOAP, and SCIM - it provides a seamless and secure one-time-sign-on experience via a single point of entry.


Our engagement started with the development of one of the core features of the client’s solution – synchronization of identity and access management policies between the end-client’s environment (the “source of truth”) and the client’s cloud solution. Our team has implemented on-premise Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS agents which are installed in the end-client’s environment behind the firewall. They perform the synchronization using HTTPS transport protocol with SSL pinning for additional security of communication.
Our team owns the integration of the client’s solution for end-clients that use a Windows platform. The main component of this integration is a browser plugin, which our team implements and supports for a variety of Microsoft browser versions starting with Internet Explorer 6 and ending with the latest Edge.
Lohika engineering team participates in the development and enhancement of the single-sign-on applications catalog service. The team is responsible for the end-to-end development of a large number of application integrations, including the most popular ones, using SAML, OAuth and other protocols. Usually, implementation starts with requirements analysis and ends with a demo of the ready-to-market solution for end-clients.


During the six-year engagement, the Lohika team has developed thousands of application integrations that makes up about a half of the existing ones in the single-sign-on application catalog. Our client and end-clients can always rely on the best engineering talent of Lohika, which helps to provide a quality experience on the identity management solution.

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