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Data Security Company

Lohika team has designed a single, cross-platform security module that has one codebase for all platforms.


One of the challenges for the client was an expansion of the market and integration with Hardware Security Module that was used by many clients. The other challenge was an emerging need for a single cross-platform security module with encrypting/decrypting functionality because maintaining three separate codebases for Win, Linux, and OSX became unmanageable and expensive. Finally, during the recent adoption of the big data processing pipeline, there was a need for the creation of cost-effective data processing pipelines based on an AWS technology stack.


Our client is a data security company that eliminates the tradeoff between data protection and ease of use. The Data Protection Platform and all platform-enabled applications are built on an open secure data standard for self-protecting data. Using this open format, the client leverages patented technology, which allows users anywhere, on any device to work the way they do today – without requiring a separate log-in, user interface, or application.


Lohika engineering teams have designed and implemented the integration of one of the main security services with Hardware Secure Module using Node.JS. We helped productizing secure file storage solutions, including a new design, new features and a test automation of the product. With the experience in cross-platform development, the Lohika team designed a single cross-platform security module that has a single codebase for all platforms. Our expertise in building cost-effective data processing pipelines at scale helped to provide a realistic proposal of the solution that was accepted and is currently under implementation. All the solutions provided by our teams are FedRAMP compliant.


Cooperation with Lohika helped our client to

  • Deliver new features in a timely manner, regardless of the complexity and effort required
  • Rely on complete technical ownership in several product areas, including production L3 support
  • Boost the elasticity of engineering capacity in different technologies, including front-end and server-side JavaScript, .Net, C++ and test automation for both web and mobile platforms

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