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Contextual Threat Intelligence Application

Lohika delivered highly-demanded, business critical features under a stringent deadline


Before a major security conference, the product lacked features crucial to the cybersecurity market, such as multi-vector threat intelligence. The client had an urgent need to implement these new features; however, they, as with many Silicon Valley companies, were short on internal engineering talent, and were not able to hire quickly enough to meet the strict deadline.


Our client is a cybersecurity company that builds its platform on the foundation of advanced firewall technology and extends it to cover modern security aspects. The product is a new generation of contextual threat intelligence services that arms security operations professionals at companies of all sizes.


The engagement of the Lohika team started just four months before the demo day. The Lohika team was set up for success and focused on efficient and quick delivery during the onsite kick-off at the client’s site. The initial step was PRD and design specification creation in close collaboration with the designer and back-end team from the client’s side.

Then, daily delivery was based on Kanban to achieve high velocity under the tight deadline. The Lohika team owned front-end web application development using React, Redux and Node.js. The high modularity of the solution was required to set the foundation of future micro-frontends and reusable components.

The team designed and built fine-granular React components, which they used as the building blocks for the new application. The team used the Enzyme framework to cover UI components with unit tests. The codebase was stored as a monorepo, managed by Lerna and backed by GitLab Package Registry for handling npm modules. To stand behind the quality of the delivery under the tight timeline, the team set an 80% code coverage mark, and it was checked during GitLab CI builds.


The Lohika team successfully met the tight deadline, which was so important for the client’s business. Our client presented the new multi-vector threat intelligence features to the audience of over 10,000 users during the significant cybersecurity conference. And it was a huge success!

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