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Making Advertising More Valuable to the World

Blending data science, objective media and captivating experiences


  • Evolve its core data spine project, but it was hard to develop, maintain, and scale.
  • Improve its core ETL and data warehousing system by increasing application performance and scalability.
  • Tune a highly customizable reporting system by improving data availability and correctness.
    • Client needed to develop a custom authentication and authorization solution and improve functionality related to scalability, availability, and security.
  • Introduce modern software development practices and functionality, including a DevOps culture, mindset, and modern tools.


Our client is part of the world’s largest marketing & digital insights group that blends data science, objective media and captivating experiences to build valuable connections between brands and consumers.


  • Lohika solved critical architectural problems which improved code maintainability, increased code coverage, added performance metrics to all application critical components.
  • Developed performance tests to verify SLAs, and created an integrated development environment powered by Docker and Docker Compose.
  • Lohika ensured reliability and monitoring by migration of core components to Apache Airflow. Critical parts of the system were moved to Kubernetes cluster in Google Cloud.
  • Lohika improved reporting system test coverage and corrected significant performance problems.
  • Next step is to move essential reporting to a new data platform to improve data availability and accuracy.
  • Lohika omitted existing authentication solution in favor of Keycloak. This replacement improved scalability, availability, and security.
  • Lohika introduced DevOps standards and tools including Jenkins, Zabbix, NewRelic and also Jenkins Groovy SDK, which allowed engineers to build CI/CD pipelines without involving DevOps in future.


  • Introduced a brand new data platform, defined architecture that leverages industry standard tools (Talend, Hive, Presto, Looker, etc.) and hosted in GCP.
  • Drastically improved overall app performance, modernized build infrastructure and created reproducible development environment.
  • Automated deployment of core components and applications. Introduced Kubernetes as a primary path for all new deployments.

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