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Comprehensive User Lifecycle Management Platform

Transforming Data Into Valuable Action


  • Migrate the client’s database to a newer more scalable platform
  • Replace existing query engine with ability to run SQL queries on data loaded on file system


Our client is one of the world’s largest mobile analytics and marketing platforms, processing more than 500 billion data points monthly and utilized by thousands of apps worldwide to manage and optimize mobile businesses. Enterprises depend on our client's reliable, flexible and scalable data platform to handle their large-scale ingestion data, collection, processing and storage needs. This platform powers data-driven marketing tools which are used to analyze and influence user behaviors with targeted in and out-of-app engagement, retention, re-engagement and monetization campaigns. Designed to be flexible, the data and marketing tools are accessible via customizable. APIs to both third-party solutions and internal platform tools.


  • Lohika migrated an existing database engine to a newer more powerful and flexible database
  • Lohika replaced existing query engine based on Hive with a new one based on Impala


  • Restful API on top of the new Impala-based query engine

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