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Enterprise Financial Platform

Lohika has created a new version of the cloud-based big data platform and increased the functionality of the existing application using cutting edge technologies.


Our client provides financial analytic services to big enterprises and large corporations that deal with massive amounts of data to get actionable insights about company performance.
To remain competitive, the client had to integrate the application with third-party services and increase the number of supported features. Also, it was necessary to improve the existing CI/CD processes.
One of the client goals was to estimate the maximum possible load on the application through automated performance testing. The existing performance testing framework covered a minimal number of scenarios and had limited reporting capabilities.
To maintain high customer satisfaction and loyalty our client had to provide the most reliable and flexible solutions. The company spent a lot effort in delivering new features and updates to end users. But this was not enough to get up to speed with the market demand. Then our client decided to bridge this gap with test automation.
The client needed a partner with deep technical expertise, ability to scale rapidly and accelerate the development of their big data analytics solution.


Our client’s main product is a cloud-based big data analytics and performance management platform that provides enterprise financial and profitability insights.


Lohika took part in a variety of projects during the engagement. We were responsible for the development, testing, implementation of integrations with third-party services, and support of such core features as:

  • powerful spreadsheet-like UI to display and manipulate big data tables stored in the cloud
  • configuration, user assignments, and management systems
  • financial forecasting engine
  • flexible management reporting system
  • Microsoft-certified Excel plugin
The existing platform was not suitable for large-scale real-time analytics as I/O overhead led to serious performance degradation. One of the main and most important projects delivered by Lohika team was the creation of a new version of a scalable cloud-based Big Data solution which overcome this performance problem. We developed an alternative Spark-based execution engine that was deployed and managed using Mesosphere. The new execution engine allows processing a large amount of heterogeneous tenant-based data. Our team was responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of this solution.
Our engineers increased product performance, improved user experience, completed migrations from Java 7 to Java 8, and migrated UI to a new look-and-feel from ExtJS to Angular.
We completed the end user data migration from single tenant to multitenant system that uses shared resources. The upgraded architecture complied with high-level security standards while was more resource optimized.
Our DevOps experts analyzed AWS deployments, applied best practices, like elasticity, scalability, that lead to optimized consumption of cloud resources, which resulted in a significant cloud hosting cost reduction.
The client wanted to expand into a new market, and this required both cloud-based and on-premise deployment models. Lohika team designed and developed the OpenStack-based deployment, which allowed cloud-based and on-premise deployments, depending on the requirements of the end customer. It was implemented using the latest orchestration and configuration management technologies and tools, like Terraform and Ansible.
Our engineers managed and supported end-customers cloud-based and on-premise deployments around the globe.
We integrated performance testing into CI pipelines and product release lifecycle. Our engineers created automated test suites that covered the most critical cases. Then our team refactored and expanded the test automation framework, which eliminated manual testing.


Lohika team has built and optimized AWS cloud infrastructure deployment. It helped the client to enter a new market and gain new customers.
Our team designed and implemented a multitenant cost-efficient and secure architecture. Fast deployment and easy management of tenants were an excellent addition to the final profit increase.
Lohika team contribution to the test automation framework had a positive impact on the overall software cost, quality, and time to market.

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