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Lohika partners with leading-edge fintech companies to conceive and create streamlined financial systems for the evolving digital world.

Emerging fintech companies must rapidly and continuously innovate to compete with traditional banking, trade, and financial services organizations. They have a specific mission: ignite cashless payments, end the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, create next-generation tools for strategic, financial, and operational planning and devise simple ways for individuals to collect payments.

The common objective they share is to create a smarter, more open, more connected and more secure financial framework for the new online world.

These companies share a common challenge – how to find an external engineering partner who not only understands the complexities and challenges of modern financial systems, but can also help accelerate development and innovation in this highly competitive and increasingly crowded space.

Lohika has a proven track record operating at a start-up pace and collaborating with fast-growing, market-leading financial technology companies to deliver mission-critical software. Successful clients include an online digital currency platform, a global trade platform powered by distributed ledger, e-wallet, mobile cashless payments, and others.

Regardless of our clients’ product requirements – extensive financial calculations and complex modeling, various dashboards with actionable insights, money processing pipelines, integration with third-party payment systems, fraud prevention and distributed ledger technologies – Lohika teams can rapidly scale their engineering capacity and expertise, to accelerate their feature development.

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