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Lohika developed opensource iOS and Android SDKs as well as designed and implemented automated localization framework.


Our client needed to develop public mobile SDKs for iOS and Android platforms. The intent was to facilitate the development of new integrations by third-party engineers, as well as reduce the number of requests sent to the technical support department.
At the same time, the company was about to enter new markets and our client needed to add localization support to their flagship mobile product. Maintaining localization introduced time-intensive routine tasks, such as exporting and importing translations to- and from- a localization management platform. Given the fact that the product was under active development, the process needed to be executed regularly and automatically.
The application’s rapid-evolving functionality resulted in a number of changes in core user flows. To maintain the highest level of user satisfaction, the company had to introduce a process that guaranteed 100% reliability for all essential flows such as Onboarding, Sending, Receiving, Buying, and Selling.
Since the application had a large codebase with a huge amount of legacy code, maintaining its stability while increasing the number of developers had become a challenge. Existing automated tests were outdated and flaky.


Our client is among one of the safest and most trusted online cryptocurrency exchange platforms currently available. Also, they offer a cryptocurrency wallet and brokerage services publicly available.


Our team started with an analysis of the existing Android SDK to determine the architectural changes required to move to the next version of the platform. The next step was to develop a refactoring plan. According to this plan, our team executed both code refactoring and architectural changes. The next crucial milestone was the creation of a public iOS SDK, that incorporated the experience from Android SDK re-architecture and was implemented from scratch.
Lohika team refactored the client’s main product to support internationalization and implemented an automated localization process which included the scheduled synchronization of text between the localization management platform and the application. To guarantee a successful import of translated strings into the application Lohika added an extra step to ensure that translated strings are imported without any issues.
Finally, our team provided a solution to ensure the correctness of the main user flows. The automated UI test suite was executed as a part of automated checks on every pull request. UI test automation framework implemented by our team had features like taking a screenshot, comparing it to the baseline, and sending the reports to an appropriate test owner. Test reports being a part of the regular development process guaranteed the quality of the final deliverables.


iOS SDK was released for public access. Android SDK is fully functional and awaiting release.
The localization framework we delivered remarkably simplified the maintenance of supported languages and required zero effort from the developers’ side for adding a new one.
UI test automation framework implemented by Lohika was deemed so helpful and easy to use that the client updated the development processes to cover all new flows and functionalities with this new approach.

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