Digital Health

Lohika partners with digital health companies to reshape the healthcare industry with technology

Digital Health
Engineering digital health to transform primary care, diagnostics and drug research.

Digital health companies use modern technology and software as a key differentiator from their competition in the healthcare space. The most successful among them are transforming the healthcare industry with new models of primary care, revolutionized diagnostics, experiments with AI to research new drugs, optimized workflows, tech-driven health insurance platforms, and emerging tech solutions for providers.

The main focus areas of Lohika clients include virtual primary care, consumer health and wellness, clinical trials and tools, diagnostics, insurance and benefits, administrative tools, and others.

Our clients have a common mission of better health, better services and reduced costs of care.

Lohika digital health clients bring many challenges that require innovative solutions, including monitoring worldwide clinical trials, delivering personalized value from health data, leveraging AI and ML, providing better UI/UX for medical information review, launching wearable healthcare device to the consumer market, and integrating various CGM and heart rate monitors into our daily lives.

Regardless of our client’s requirements, Lohika teams leverage emerging technologies–including our experience in building data collection, storage and processing platforms, and complex advanced web and mobile UI–to accelerate innovation in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

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