Software Product Engineering for Digital Natives

August 18, 2022

Capgemini Engineering is the world leader in Engineering and R&D services. We unleash R&D potential and innovation to help clients create smart products, omnichannel, next-generation customer experience and to accelerate their journey towards Intelligent Industry.

We understand that software is the digital fabric for the future of the retail industry. We offer software product engineering at scale leveraging expertise in digital native development, agility through variety of operational models, systematic approach by using best-of-breed methodologies and excellence through building high integrity solution.

Capgemini Engineering helps enterprises to be a software-driven digital native player by creating connected systems, leveraging data & machine learning, reinventing themselves into cloud-native platform, re-architecting specialized and legacy systems and being ready for next-generation customer experience.

Featured Offerings

  • Omnichannel transformation
  • Intelligent warehousing
  • Next generation customer experience using metaverse & augmented reality
  • Gamified and AI-infused shopping applications
  • Insight-driven product & service innovation
  • Smart retail products

Proud Moments

  • Transforming omnichannel and developing store apps, e-commerce & m-Commerce platform for a large global home solution retail player
  • Developing large-scale cloud-native application platform for Indian e-commerce leader
  • Building an end-to-end analytics-as-a-service platform helping retailers
  • Applying AI in creating virtual assistant for an e-commerce optimization solutions provider
  • Creating completely secure smart lighting solution for the largest global retailer in home furnishing
  • Building innovative solution for a leading CRM & Loyalty service provider

We have helped an Indian e-commerce leader to transform their e-commerce platform to a cloud-native containerized core.  

The Challenge

  • Transformation of ~6500 Microservices across 175 tech stack to a scalable and composable cloud-native platform within a short span of time.
  • Quick engineering team ramp up to support time-critical onboarding of applications for mega sales campaigns during festival seasons

The Approach

We had taken a systematic approach to categorise the microservices under different groups which need differentiated approach of re-engineering. We had leveraged automation to containerize the microservices, created DevOps pipelines for transformed services and made 100% traffic cutover from old system to the new cloud-native platform.

The Outcome

Re-engineered cloud-native platform dramatically increased the ease of scaling despite being a complex system of hundreds of decentralized applications. The release process efficiency increased adding to the benefit of quick launch of new features.

About Capgemini Engineering

World leader in engineering and R&D services, Capgemini Engineering combines its broad industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in digital and software to support the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Coupled with the capabilities of the rest of the Group, it helps clients to accelerate their journey towards Intelligent Industry. Capgemini Engineering has more than 55,000 engineer and scientist team members in over 30 countries across sectors including Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Naval, Automotive, Rail, Infrastructure & Transportation, Energy, Utilities & Chemicals, Life Sciences, Communications, Semiconductor & Electronics, Industrial & Consumer, Software & Internet.