What do Tesla, Airbnb and Moderna have in common?
They are all digital native companies that have disrupted their industries.
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To compete today, all companies must become digital natives. In this eBook we explore how digital native companies have 3 common traits to help them succeed:

To learn more about how to gain an advantage with a digital native mindset, download our eBook by Zenyk Matchyshyn, Chief Technology Officer, Software Product Engineering at Capgemini Engineering.

To Compete Today, All Companies Must Become Digital Native Companies

A “two-pizza” team structure limits the size of the team and allows team members to have ownership over their work.
Digital natives are better able to take advantage of new opportunities when they emerge.
Projects focus on requirements. Products focus on client needs and vision.
Combining software with the right culture and a product mindset allow digital natives to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
See how having a digital native mindset gives companies an advantage.
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