Fostering Proactivity in Your Engineering Organisation


Does your engineering team meet a set of deliverables with some hand-holding required? Or do they operate autonomously, trying some approaches “out of the box” without asking for permission? 

Note: This event was hosted in conjunction with London CTOs.

There isn’t one right or wrong approach, but engineering leaders need to know which type of team they have. Team style may be dictated by the company stage. Early-stage startups prefer an autonomous and proactive team, while established companies prefer their teams to be more regimented and process-driven.

There are benefits for teams that are proactive: understanding context and independently delivering solutions reduces micromanagement and helps everyone.

In this webinar, a panel of engineering leaders will discuss why a proactive mindset matters for teams. They’ll also discuss the benefits for engineers, how this relates to product thinking and what tricks engineers can be taught to help them be more proactive.

The Panel

  • Sergey Soloviov, Director of Engineering at Lohika
  • Ben Bourdin, CTO & Co-founder at Superthread
  • Peter Youell, CTO at Detected
  • Abbi Leverton, Community Events Host at RecWorks Ltd (moderator)

On-Demand Recording

Watch the on-demand recording of the panel discussion:

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