A Framework for Ethical Decision-Making for Software Engineers, Featuring Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic


Nicholas Thompson is CEO of The Atlantic. Previously, Nicholas was editor-in-chief of Wired and editor of In the latest session of Lohika Re:think, Nicholas will unveil a framework he developed for ethical decision-making for software engineers.

Many believe that social media algorithms have caused more harm than good. What if the software engineers building these algorithms had a framework for ethical decision-making? Could such a framework create more equitable algorithms? 

In addition to detailing his framework, Nicholas will share insights on how engineering teams can adopt its principles to the code they write. 

Nicholas will also cover:

  • What software engineers could be building now if they want to support a just and equitable world
  • Common moral choices that developers face when they’re building tools used by millions or billions of people
  • The moral hazards that can surface during software development
  • Whether we can build tools that make our economic system more democratic

Agenda (all times in PT)

  • 10:00: Introduction from our host, Raman Frey
  • 10:05: Prepared talk that details the new framework
  • 10:30: Q&A hosted by Raman Frey
  • 11:00: Video-based breakout room where you can meet and speak with Nicholas
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