Web3: Why It Matters and How to Think About It in 2022


The Lohika Re:think event series features experts and leading thinkers in technology and innovation. Our goal is to host captivating conversations around the technology trends of today, as well as what the future holds.

This event is produced in partnership with Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), Capgemini’s global platform that leverages a framework for action, a network of exchange locations, and a high-performance engagement experience.

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You may have heard about “web3,” along with related technologies like blockchain, NFTs and smart contracts. In tech circles, it seems that NFTs (i.e., non-fungible tokens) is what everyone is talking about.

What exactly is web3? Is it the evolution of Web 2.0? Is it the future of the Internet? We don’t have all the answers, so we invited a panel of experts who do.


  • Raman Frey, Founder of Good People Dinners (moderator)
  • Sheila Warren, CEO at Crypto Council for Innovation
  • Shane O’Flynn, Chief Engineering Officer at Marco Polo Network
  • Willie Wang, VP Product and Engineering at Abra
  • Patrick White, CEO at Bitwave

Discussion Points

  • The underlying web3 technologies we should know about
  • Whether an NFT represents ownership of digital art or if there’s more to it 
  • How engineering leaders should approach hiring and recruiting for teams building web3 applications
  • What will happen between central banks asserting their control of fiat currencies and decentralized currencies erasing boundaries and national sovereignty

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