Blockchain, Smart Contracts and NFTs: What is Web3 and Why Does It Matter?


Web3 is the next evolution of the Internet. If Web 2.0 was about user-generated content and social media platforms, Web3 is about decentralized services powered by the blockchain. Smart contracts and NFTs are Web3 technologies that run on the blockchain.

Web3 is getting a lot of attention. In fact, Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021 was “NFT.” In tech circles, news about the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Beeple’s NFT sale made the headlines. 

There’s also a lot of confusion about web3. For instance, do NFTs simply represent ownership of a digital asset or is there more to it than that? Also, what do blockchain, smart contracts and NFTs mean to your business?

In this event from Refresh Miami and Lohika, a panel of entrepreneurs and investors will explain what Web3 is. Next, they’ll discuss related business opportunities in the present and future.

This event is produced in conjunction with Refresh Miami.

The Panel

  • Raman Frey, Founder of Good People Dinners (moderator)
  • Michelle Abbs, Managing Director at Mana Tech​
  • Pierina Merino, Founder and CEO of FlickPlay​
  • Gianni D’Alerta, Founder & CEO, Naka and NFTcubaArt​
  • Barron Channer, Board Chairman at Black Angels Miami

Reasons to Attend

  • Understand what everyone is talking about (e.g., Web3, NFTs and more)
  • Hear from a panel of Web3 experts
  • Learn why blockchain, smart contracts and NFTs matter to your business
  • Have your questions answered by a panel of experts

On-Demand Recording

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