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The world’s best technology organizations depend on Lohika.
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Here’s how we do it.
Our Team. Your Process.

We Make Remote Work.

Lohika's groundbreaking Team Extension™ engagement model has been built, refined, and perfected over the last 15 years. We match our operations to your engineering culture, processes, and ways of working.

Our self-managed teams and our engineering leaders receive their priorities directly from your managers to ensure we are supporting your business goals.

You won't know where your team ends and ours begins.


"Unlike typical offshore consulting companies, Lohika offers high-caliber engineers who act like an extension of your own engineering team. This is because of the way they run their organization and value their talent."

Christian Gheorghe - Founder and CEO, Tidemark


The Team Extension™ Process



The US or EU-based Client Partner

Team Lead and engineers selected via Lohika's stringent technical hiring process

Decision factors include:

- client culture and business maturity

- matching engineering skills to technical requirements

- fitting professional interests to project parameters



Individual new hire onboarding is replaced with full team onboarding

The team comes to your site for a minimum of two weeks

Your Lohika team integrates with your internal team, learning your unique culture, processes, and tools

Drawing from nearly 20 years of remote collaboration with leading tech companies, your Lohika team will guide the process for remote communication



Off-site performance

3.Off Site Performance

The team returns to Lohika engineering centers

Implementation of your process, methodology, delivery and security infrastructure

Fully integrated team is self-managed and operates autonomously

Offsite delivery continuously improves via tight monitoring of velocity and KPIs



As your need for engineering capacity grows, Lohika will build out the initial scrum team, and/or spin up new teams.

Engineers added to teams based on technical skills, cultural fit, and experience

New Lohika engineers are seamlessly onboarded, requiring minimal investment from you.



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The result?
Our Team. Your Process. We Make Remote Work.

Once the Team Extension™ model is launched and integrated, a team's size can be increased, and new teams created, with minimal client involvement and no client resources.