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Paul Katsen

Co-Founder and CEO


Greg Salmon

SVP, Software Engineering


Pedram Abrari

VP of Engineering


Don Williams

VP and Head of Core Technology Group

Case Studies

Even Skype can’t do everything themselves

When Skype wanted to launch international mobile chat, audio and video conferencing, they chose Lohika as their strategic partner.

The Power to Create Buzz

In 60 days Lohika scaled multiple engineering teams for one of the world's busiest websites to get new products to market faster.

Helping Big Data Provide Big Answers

Doing work for one of the top cloud analytic companies in the world means there is zero room for error.

Build Products that Manage Complicated Systems

Helping the world's top service provider optimize their financial performance and effectively manage networks is a difficult and sophisticated undertaking.

Evolving, Enhancing, Accelerating

Lohika and Instart partner to enhance development analytics.

Keeping it all connected

Lohika and Okta partner to simplify the integration of people, companies and technology.

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