New Research: The State of Engineering Leadership 2021

September 16, 2021

Plato is the world’s largest mentorship platform, with a community of 1,000+ senior engineering leaders providing mentorship to engineering managers and product managers. The talent growth platform from Plato enables tech companies to retain their engineering and product teams by making them 10% better leaders, year over year.

Lohika partnered with Plato to understand the state of engineering leadership in 2021. The project involved 500+ survey responses, 50+ 1:1 interviews with senior engineering leaders and 200+ hours of research and analysis. In the course of our research, we uncovered the top challenges facing engineering leaders.

New research: “State of Engineering Leadership 2021”

I’m thrilled to announce that the research is now available. Register for your free copy of the 40-page report:

State of Engineering Leadership 2021

The report features insights from engineering leaders at SurveyMonkey, Slack, Netflix, Coupa, Nvidia, Microsoft, Workday, Hopin, PayPal and other leading companies. The research followed a four-phase process:

  1. Analyzing the Plato database of engineering leaders
  2. Collecting survey responses
  3. Conducting 1:1 interviews with engineering leaders
  4. Organizing and analyzing the findings, both qualitatively and quantitatively

Our 500+ survey respondents came from a range of engineering roles:

  • Director of Engineering (27.1%)
  • VP/SVP of Engineering (23.2%)
  • Engineering Manager (21.5%)
  • CTO (16.0%)
  • Engineering – Individual Contributor (7.2%)
  • Other (5.0%)

Top challenges of engineering leaders in 2021

The top five challenges facing engineering leaders in 2021:

  1. Successfully scaling and structuring engineering organizations
  2. Creative diverse and inclusive engineering teams
  3. Managing and adapting to remote work culture
  4. Sourcing and hiring engineering candidates
  5. Growing into a better leader

In addition to uncovering challenges, our report details how engineering leaders are addressing these top challenges. Download a copy of the report to discover the top challenges faced by your peers and how they’re solving them.

Infographic: top challenges of engineering leaders in 2021

Here’s a look at the top five challenges facing engineering leaders in 2021.