SaaStr Annual Speakers: Who’s Most Active on Twitter?

February 28, 2020

Note: Recently, SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin announced that the March conference has been rescheduled, due to the growing escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Jason, “SaaStr Annual must now be rescheduled and merged with our existing fall event into a new, less formal ‘SaaStr Bi-Annual’ to take place in September 2020.”

The speaker list for this year’s conference is fantastic. Scanning the session titles, these stood out to me:

  • From Mice to Whales – 5 Ways to Build a $100 Million SaaS Company with Point Nine Capital
  • The SaaS Trust Crisis: How We All Got Here (And How We Get Out) with G2
  • 3 Glaring Mistakes Product Teams Tend to Make (And How to Avoid Them) with Zendesk
  • 8 Common Pitfalls SaaS Companies Make at The Early Stage with Salesforce Ventures
  • The Secrets to Enterprise SaaS: The Learnings from $50B+ Market Leaders Coupa, Anaplan, Avalara and Twilio

On the SaaStr Annual session pages, I noticed that speakers’ Twitter handles are listed. I decided to create a Twitter List of the speakers. I thought I’d share it with you.

Note: I may have missed a speaker or two, so if you don’t see yourself in the list, tweet me (@dshiao) and I’ll add you.

Twitter List of SaaStr Annual speakers

Twitter List of SaaStr Annual speakers

Suggestions on how to use this Twitter List:

  1. See who’s speaking at SaaStr Annual
  2. Follow them!
  3. During the conference, follow this list to see what the speakers are tweeting about

View the Twitter List of SaaStr Annual speakers:

Which speakers are the most active on Twitter?

I decided to compile data from the speakers’ Twitter profiles and put them in a Google Sheet. Wondering which speakers are the most active on Twitter? To determine that, I sorted by total number of tweets.

That accounts for activity during the lifetime of their account and doesn’t factor in when those tweets occurred. Nonetheless, the top five are:

NameTwitter HandleNumber of Tweets
Jason Lemkin@jasonlk65,100
Delores Brown@dlo_mode51,700
Dave Kellogg@Kellblog44,200
Mike Kail@mdkail40,500
Lolita Taub@lolitataub39,300

If you want to stay on top of SaaStr and SaaStr Annual, Jason Lemkin and his 65,000+ tweets do the trick.

Which speakers have the most Twitter followers?

While follower counts can be inflated, they can be an indicator of influence and reach. Here are the top five speakers, sorted by Twitter follower count:

NameTwitter HandleNumber of Followers
Aaron Levie@levie2,400,000
Mark Suster@msuster322,900
Zeb Evans@DJ_CURFEW260,900
Justin Kan@justinkan92,000
David Sacks@DavidSacks86,600

Each of the top five is a entrepreneur/founder or a VC.

I noticed an interesting ratio for two of the top five: Aaron Levie and Zeb Evans.

When I use Twitter, I find that tweet activity correlates with new followers: the more I tweet, the more followers I gain. Levie and Evans have both attracted large followings with a comparatively low number of tweets.

My guess?

They get wide reach and engagement on each tweet.

And, they’ve gained a lot of prominence in the real world, so Twitter users seek them out and follow them. The numbers:

Aaron Levie (@levie): 2.4MM followers from 4,028 tweets

Zeb Evans (@DJ_CURFEW): 260,900 followers from 286 tweets

Download my Google Sheet

Google Sheet: SaaStr Annual presenters on Twitter

If you’d like to play with the data, feel free to view or download my Google Sheet.

See you at SaaStr!