State of Engineering Leadership: Transitioning From 100% Remote Work to Hybrid


In 2020, engineering teams were forced to become 100% remote. Daily standups took place in video calls and tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams saw higher use.

From: Wednesday, 18 August 2021
To: Wednesday, 18 August 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific Time

According to the “State of Engineering Leadership 2021,” a report produced by Plato and Lohika, “While companies with distributed teams gained an upper hand in management, smaller teams tasted the bitterness of prioritization, alignment, Zoom fatigue, and a company culture that was constantly shifting beneath their feet.”

At the same time, some teams welcomed the 100% remote model and reported increased productivity. As we consider a hybrid model that includes a partial return to the office, what practices from last year will continue? In other words, what will stay and what will go?

In this 60-minute Live Q&A, we’ll discuss how engineering teams are transitioning from 100% remote work to a hybrid model.

Event Host

This online event is hosted by Plato, the world’s largest mentorship program for engineering and product managers. Plato manages a community of 800+ senior engineering leaders.


Speaker: Ryan Safarian, CTO at

Moderator: Janice Little, Vice President of Engineering at SheerID.

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Watch the recording of Janice and Ryan’s talk:

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