Developing Your Team Strategically Versus Expanding to Meet a Delivery Commitment


It’s a common dilemma in leadership: everyone wants to develop their team organically and ensure each team member has a career path, can leverage all opportunities to grow and any disruption is minimized along the way.

Note: This event is hosted in conjunction with London CTOs.

Unfortunately, more often leaders have to add new resources under pressure to deliver on a new objective. This robs them of opportunities to do justice to their people.

In this event, a panel will discuss what we’re missing out on when this happens and how we can address it.

The Panel

  • Abbi Leverton, Community Events Host, RecWorks (moderator)
  • Alex Haslehurst, Co-Founder and CTO, Vitrue Health
  • Sergey Soloviov, Director of Engineering, Lohika

On-Demand Recording

Watch the recording of the panel discussion:

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