The Metaverse: A Digital Frontier (With NVIDIA and Capgemini Engineering)


In this webinar, Capgemini Engineering and NVIDIA will discuss their partnership to build immersive experiences in the metaverse.

From: Thursday, 25 August 2022
To: Thursday, 25 August 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific Time

Well start with a brief overview:

  • Who is NVIDIA? What do they do?
  • What is the metaverse?
  • How will it be built?
  • What are the opportunities/metaverse applications in manufacturing, automotive, consumer products, retail & distribution (CPRD) industries?
  • What is NVIDIA Omniverse?
  • What are Omniverse customers doing today – including demos

We’ll then move on to the partnership:

  • How the business models of Capgemini Engineering and NVIDIA complement each other
  • What value can the partnership bring to clients?
  • What will the partnership deliver in the short term?

In addition to detailing the Capgemini Engineering and NVIDIA partnership, the panel will discuss:

  • NVIDIA’s integrated hardware/software solution
  • Capgemini Engineering’s role as a services arm and digital asset creator
  • Training and specialization to scale delivery capabilities


  • Walker Sherk, Head of Emerging Technologies at Capgemini Engineering
  • Madison Huang, Product Marketing Manager, Omniverse at NVIDIA
  • Weihan Wu, Omniverse Partner Ecosystem at NVIDIA

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