Lohika Salon Series, hosted by Good People Dinners (San Francisco)
March 5, 2020

Our latest Lohika Salon Series hosted by Good People Dinners took place in San Francisco on February 25, 2020. The dinner brought engineering leaders, product leaders, CEOs and company founders under one roof to build friendships and learn the secrets to hiring top engineers.

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To learn more about these dinners, watch this short video:

San Francisco Dinner

The San Francisco dinner was a fun evening that kicked off with guests writing their greatest career mistake on their name tags. This opened up honest discussions about those missteps and what they learned from them. Some of the greatest career mistakes guests shared were not being their own advocate, not changing jobs, picking the wrong career, making a communications error, and hitting “reply all.”

Guests then went upstairs to the rooftop deck where they met new friends and reunited with old ones. They enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the moonlight.

Afterward, it was time for dinner – a unique family style meal of lechon, mussels, and more prepared by award winning Pinoy Heritage Chef and Founder Francis Ang.

Many of the attendees shared a first-time experience together eating the meal with their hands Filipino-style. To learn how to eat with your hands like a pro, watch this short video for Ang’s fun tips.

While guests enjoyed their meal, talent and interviewing expert Jordan Burton shared insights from his vast experiences on how to recruit and interview top technical talent.

Jordan Burton, founder and president of Burton Advisors.

One of his key insights was the power of inner honesty and the ability to vulnerably reflect on one’s own actions and decisions. He also shared interview strategies on how to dive deeper during interviews as well as common interviewing mistakes.

At the end of the night, many of our guests walked away feeling like they formed genuine new connections with like-minded high-achievers and inspiration to be more honest and vulnerable with others.

Good People Dinner Founder Raman Frey said the night was a success. “For me, the most personally rewarding thing that comes away from these dinners is I see people drop their facade and actually be sincere with one another. That’s my biggest hope for these dinners.”

Join Us!

We’ll be hosting many more Good People Dinners in 2020, in the Bay Area and beyond. The Good People Dinners are free to attend. Are you interested in joining us? Email Cindy-Anne at

Good People Dinner Photos

The menu from our February 2020 Good People Dinner
Before guests arrive: the tables are set!
Members of the Lohika team: friendly and fun.
Connecting on the rooftop before dinner.
Raman Frey gets the dinner underway.
Making connections within the community.
Fine food, fine wine, fine conversation.