Lohika Gets Ready for SaaStr Annual 2020

February 29, 2020

We share our top sessions and event checklist

Lately, one thing has been on our minds a lot at Lohika – the SaaStr Annual conference, which is one of the biggest events in the world of SaaS. I’m looking forward to it as it’s a once-a-year opportunity to meet some of the greatest minds in the industry and get inspired by entrepreneurial energy from all over the world.

Note: Recently, SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin announced that the March conference has been rescheduled, due to the growing escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Jason, “SaaStr Annual must now be rescheduled and merged with our existing fall event into a new, less formal ‘SaaStr Bi-Annual’ to take place in September 2020.”

(This post was written prior to the re-scheduling.)

At Lohika, we are picking our sessions of interest ahead of time because some have a cap in attendance. So sign up early, too, to secure a seat! The sessions that I find interesting include:

Inside Intercom: The Marketing Secrets of Scaling One of the Fastest Growing Saas Startups
Intercom has quality and quantity when it comes to content and I’m so excited the company’s Marketing SVP Shane Murphy-Reuter will be speaking. Attendees will learn how Intercom has become one of the fastest growing software companies of all time and how this growth was almost exclusively driven by inbound demand.  

5 Customer Marketing Strategies That are Guaranteed to Grow Your Business with Sprout Social
Conversations on new marketing strategies usually grab my interest so I’m curious about learning new strategies that Sprout Social Head of Customer Marketing Tara Robertson says goes beyond traditional customer marketing tactics.

The Secrets to Enterprise SaaS: The Learnings from $50B+ Market Leaders Coupa, Anaplan, Avalara, and Twilio
At this session, you’ll hear the perspective of four leading SaaS executives on a variety of topics, including their best moments, the worst advice they ever got, and what role culture played in their success. With a combined enterprise value of over $30 billion dollars, these executives will bring a unique perspective on how to scale a business while maintaining a strong company culture.

Compensation: Know Your Worth and Negotiate Your Best Offer with ActiveCampaign, Women in Revenue
Negotiation can be intimidating at any stage in your career. ActiveCampaign CMO Maria Pergolino will share practical tips on how to know if you are being compensated fairly including what amount of stock value you should expect and how to understand your worth.

Our consulting services director reveals his top sessions

Lohika Director of Consulting Services Taras Matyashovsky zeroed in on five sessions that interest him. In his own words:

A Tactical Guide to Building an All-Remote Company with Gitlab.
Why? I’d like to learn how Gitlab was able to successfully scale culture, process, and collaboration working in a fully distributed fashion. This is very relevant to what Lohika does so we might learn something useful for ourselves and our clients.

Looking Beyond Lean Start-Up: Innovation At-Scale with Asana
Asana has a mysterious reputation of unique engineering culture plus a very careful and rigorous hiring process for the engineers. Therefore, I’d like to have more insights about, and how that potentially influenced their innovation at scale. Or not?

Launching at Scale: Being on Fire, or Being in Flames? with
I’d like to learn about the successful and unsuccessful collaboration between product and engineering to make launching at scale happen. What works? What does not? 

The Top Lessons Scaling to 300 Employees with Zapier
The topic speaks for itself. Scaling to 300 employees has its unique challenges, therefore I’d like to learn recipes from someone who has done it themselves. I hope for open, personal experience that would include some pitfalls, too.

Deep Dive Session: How to Build Amazing Software Teams with nCino
At Lohika, we are building amazing software teams for our clients, therefore, I’d love to know what is the secret sauce of other companies. I am beyond excited to learn what values encourage nCino software teams to build products that disrupt and lead markets.

If you’re inspired to check out the agenda for yourself, download the SaaStr Events app to quickly view the agenda on-the-go, read speakers bios, and get up-to-date notifications. To help you make your decisions, check out this helpful list of the speakers’ Twitter handles Lohika compiled, including those who are the most active and who have the most followers.

Event Checklist

We have some other practical tips for you to get the most out of the event. 

  • Show up early to get your badge as lines are expected to be long this year. 
  • Next, book a braindate, which are 1:1 and small group mentoring sessions where attendees seek personalized advice in small groups. Anyone can sign up to host one! Just submit a topic and wait for attendees to arrive.
  • Make the best connections possible with the Brella Speed Networking app. Brella will automatically matchmake you with new friends to meet with the same interests. It’s really easy to get started and a great way to make a new SaaS BFF (or chat with a VC).
  • And finally, bring your fun pants. There are evening events for all attendees including a block party, sponsored parties, DJs, food trucks, a Ferris wheel, and more!

Are you excited yet? If you are at SaaStr Annual, be sure to visit us at booth #1317 in between Sendoso and Slido on the way to get your swag at the SaaStr swag store. We would love to meet you!