Leading and Scaling Engineering Teams in 2021 and Beyond


Neetu Rajpal joined Oscar Health as VP Engineering in March of 2020 as Covid lockdowns were just taking effect. Since then she’s moved to SVP Product Engineering and then CTO all while dealing with remote teams, hybrid planning, and now “the great resignation.” It’s been an interesting couple of years!

Join ~50 of your peers in an exclusive gathering we’re organizing in conjunction with CTO Connection.

Event Date

On Wednesday, November 17th at 10am PT / 1pm ET we’re going to gather to discuss our experiences over the last couple of years and our plans for the future.


We’ll kick off with a fireside chat with Neetu, getting her perspective on leading and scaling engineering teams in uncertain times.

In particular, we’ll be discussing what you really need to focus on if you’re scaling your org, how CI/CD can transform velocity if it’s not just “tagged on” and the importance of balancing agility with thoughtful planning upfront.
We will then move to an AMA where you can ask your questions of Neetu. From there, we’re going to break out into smaller groups where we can all make some new connections and share our experiences of leading and scaling our teams and how we’re planning for a return to the “new normal” in 2022.

Why Attend?

Whether you’d like to sanity-check your plans for bringing some of your teams back to the office, share best practices for retaining talent at a time when everyone seems to be looking for their next job, or you simply want to connect with some other senior engineering leaders, come join us for an hour to think about how we can leverage the recent upheavals to improve the quality and effectiveness of our engineering orgs.

On-Demand Access

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