Meet the Team: Anton

June 5, 2018

Open European Champion!

Anton Voitsekhivskyi, one of Lohika’s Mobile iOS Engineer, won first place at the Open European Championship for Web and Mobile Specialists in the iOS Engineer category. Congrats Anton! We spent some time with Anton to find out what inspired him to pursue an engineering career and learn more about the Open European Championship in general.

Let’s start off by telling us what is your current role and how long have you been working at Lohika?
I’m fairly new to the company and have been here for 5 months as a Mid-Level Mobile iOS Engineer.

How did you get into engineering?
I started when I was in tenth grade. My classmates and I liked working with a computer so we decided to take C++ programming course during our summer holidays. The courses were so gripping, we didn’t skip a single lesson! Then I was introduced to PASCAL in IT class in 11th grade. I would finish all my home assignments in PASCAL which I found boring, and then I would develop something more interesting with C++.

What made you decide to take part in this contest?
I found out about the contest from a Facebook ad, surprisingly those ads do work! It’s not all fake news. After reading the information on the official website, it occurred to me that the contest resembled one I had participated in a couple of years back so I thought why not! The event was also being held at a location I’ve never been to and I’m always excited to visit a new place.

Could you please tell us a bit more about the competition?
There were more than 100 participants from 11 countries in each nomination. You were given seven hours to complete a task, including lunch. The assignment was quite daunting. In my opinion, this was done to determine what participants pay attention to and what they treat as insignificant.

The point of the assignment was to create an online banking mobile app which can create editable user’s profile, display a list of transactions, show all the banking outlets on a map, and also direct a user to the nearest branch.

One of the specifics of the assignment was an absence of a website with relevant information – though it was online banking. We were supposed to mock data acquisition.
I got excited by this detail. It reminded me of the previous contest I took part in, where I was told to develop a mobile app for Jenkins. Some of the developers complained about troubles they had with authorization to that resource. At the time, Readdle CTO Andrian Budanstov stated that if participants had mocked data acquisition from the backend, they would have won an easy victory. This is the way to show your skills in app design architecture. I immediately recalled his words once I read the assignment.

There was also a list of criteria for the assessment: the architecture and code cleanliness were of high importance while the assignment scope was in the middle of the list.
So I channeled all the effort and used most of my time on Data Mocking. Eventually, I mocked up the results, made a list of transactions, and began developing a user profile.

What do you think set you apart and secured your victory?
Believe it or not, I believe my experience at Lohika helped me win this contest. I applied a technique (json file parsing) which I used on a recent client engagement and it accelerated the task resolution.

Lohika requires a great deal of attention to code quality and the fact that we do peer reviews with our colleagues motivates me to write good, structured, and clean code.

What advice would you give to an engineer who is just starting out?
I would recommend studying the latest technologies. For iOS –Swift, and for Android – Kotlin. It will definitely make their entrance into technology easier.

To engineers with more experience I recommend, they never stop reading various blogs, follow the latest technology as approaches are constantly changing. Some of my favorite blogs include MediumObjc and Natasha The Robot

They should enter contests, hackathons, go to meetups, etc. It will help develop their skills and gain new knowledge and useful contacts.

Thanks, Anton! This is great stuff. Our last question: what is your favorite part about working for Lohika?
Definitely the opportunity to communicate with clients directly. It’s truly a great experience which develops my personal and managerial skills and gives me a better understanding of our customers’ business processes.