Q&A with Susan Cain: Understanding Introverts, Diversity of Temperament, Remote Work and More

June 30, 2021

We’re excited to host best-selling author Susan Cain at our Lohika Re:think event series! Susan’s online talk takes place on July 8, 2021:

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In advance of the event, Susan answered a few questions via email.

Hi, Susan! What’s new this year?

 I have three big projects coming out in the next year!

  1. My new book: BITTERSWEET: How Longing and Sorrow Make Us Whole (note: find links to pre-order the book on the publisher’s website).
  2. A new podcast
  3. A new audio course for introverts who want to thrive in the workplace—delivered straight to your texts.

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What’s the number one thing people misunderstand about introverts?

People think that introverts are misanthropes that can’t be good leaders. Both these ideas are untrue, as I’ll discuss in my talk!

How has your previous work as an attorney informed the work you do today?

Introversion and extroversion are what some psychologists call the “north and south of temperament.” It was when I was a corporate attorney that I first realized that the workplace desperately needed a language and a framework for talking about diversity of temperament. 

What will you cover in your online event with us?

How to structure the workplace (and your workdays) so that introverts contribute and thrive in meetings, as leaders, and as creatives. We’ll also discuss how and when to step outside your comfort zone, especially when it comes to public speaking.

Many businesses are still doing 100% remote work. Does remote work benefit introverts or extroverts — or is it more nuanced?

In general, introverts tend to welcome remote work, but this isn’t always true. And there are plenty of challenges and advantages for both types.