Gaining Momentum: Lohika adds Tom Scopazzi as West Coast Director of Business Development

July 2, 2018

We are pleased to announce the addition of Tom Scopazzi as Director of West Coast Business Development to help address the exploding demand for external engineering resources up and down the West Coast.

“Business is booming for Lohika and we are so excited to have Tom join our team to lead our business development at the West Coast and Silicon Valley. Digital is transforming all businesses, Lohika’s customers are growing like crazy and it’s critical for us to continue expanding our team with the best talent there is.” said Mikael Carlsson, VP of Sales and Business Development, Lohika.

As the Director of West Coast Business Development for Lohika, Scopazzi will be based out of the company’s Bay Area headquarters and will focus on developing relationships with CTOs and VPs of Engineering at fast growing venture backed startups.

Learn more about Tom and why he joined Lohika:

1.Why did you decide to join Lohika?

I wasn’t actively looking for new opportunities, particularly within another software development agency, but I was honestly blown away by one particular stat: More than 50% of Lohika’s clients have been with them for more than 5 years. Such a remarkably high customer retention rate told me everything I needed to know in terms of the value that was being delivered. The sales support structures in place are also better than I’ve ever seen in my career, and the entire team is super senior with no weak links that I could see.

2.What are you most looking forward to in this role?

I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m genuinely motivated by helping others. I no longer view sales & BD as a hunt, chase, or any kind of conquest. It’s not about the thrill of getting a win. Instead, I enjoy helping to solve other people’s pain points, and working collaboratively to determine whether or not I can provide the right solution to a particular problem. Lohika isn’t the right fit for every engineering team, but for companies that are growing quickly and are constrained by their engineering capacity, I’m confident that Lohika is more often than not their best solution to unlocking that engineering capacity and keeping their rocket ship fueled so to speak.

3.Tell us a little bit what you like to do in your spare time.

Ha, I live a pretty boring life these days. I like to stay active, but nagging injuries from my rowing days seem to limit my options. Lately, I’m getting really into rock climbing and yoga (so message me if you’re looking for a belay partner!) Travel is always going to be a huge passion of mine, and I love cooking, great cocktails, and spending quality time with my girlfriend fiancée.

Welcome to the team, Tom!