Fresh Insights for Engineering Leadership in 2022
Managing the Winds of Change
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Including Interviews with:
Valli Nachiappan
Sr. Director of Engineering,
Neetu Rajpal
Oscar Health
Stacie Lang-Frederick
VP of Engineering,
Collective Health

The state of engineering in 2022 is at a crossroads, with leaders navigating changes in remote teams, inclusion initiatives and new developments in product delivery.

To help today’s engineering leaders learn from the best, we produced the following eBook where leaders like you offer their perspectives and solutions for navigating these changes.

Fresh Insights for Engineering Leadership in 2022

A look inside:

“Things can go wrong when salespeople sell your product to people who don’t need it.”
– Jason Calacanis,
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
“To get to the right PRD, you have to ask the right questions.”
– Stacie Lang-Frederick,
VP of Engineering, Collective Health
“It’s not healthy to say the voice of the customer always wins. It’s a balance.”
– Gautam Prabhu,
VP Engineering, PagerDuty
“There’s a better way to manage remote workers to ensure equity with in-person teams.”
– Neetu Rajpal,
CTO, Oscar Health
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