Transforming and rewiring traditional finance, trade, payment, and currency products and platforms
Lohika partners with leading-edge fintech companies to conceive and create streamlined financial systems for the evolving digital world

Example Case Studies

Pay Advance Application

Lohika shared the best practices of migration from a monolith to microservices and built cloud-based scalable infrastructure for microservices architecture from scratch.

Digital Currency Trading Platform

Lohika developed opensource iOS and Android SDKs as well as designed and implemented automated localization framework.

Enterprise Financial Platform

Lohika has created a new version of the cloud-based big data platform and increased the functionality of the existing application using cutting edge technologies.

Crowdfunding Platform

Lohika helped the client to successfully enter new markets and gain a foothold there.

Building Asia's leading e-wallet: 500,000 customers, 30 microservices

Lohika has designed, developed, and deployed a complete and secured e-wallet solution