Elevate Fall Summit 2021


Elevate Fall Summit 2021 is a half-day virtual event hosted by Plato. Whether you’re a front-line engineering manager, an engineer looking to become a people manager, or a senior engineering leader, Elevate Fall Summit 2021 will inspire you and offer lots of useful advice.

From: Thursday, 16 September 2021
To: Thursday, 16 September 2021
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time

Get battle-tested tactics from some of today’s best engineering leaders that you can implement right away. The event will feature a discussion lounge where you can participate in small group conversations with other engineering managers.

Presenters include engineering leaders from Reddit, Google, Twilio, Slack, Box, Peloton, MongoDB and other leading companies.

Panel Discussion

Attend a panel discussion, “Scaling, Developing and Retaining Top Talent in Engineering Organizations.”

The pandemic permanently changed the way we scale and develop teams. The customary practices of two years ago can be thrown out the door. Engineering leaders must adapt to a more dynamic, employee-driven environment.

The demand for talented software engineers is higher than ever, making it a challenge to develop and retain top talent. Talented engineers can virtually print their own ticket to the job they want, often dictating terms that were non-negotiable in the past.

And once they’re onboarded, they might be enticed by unsolicited offers from other potential employers. What’s an engineering leader to do? In this panel discussion, engineering leaders will discuss:

  • Top challenges in scaling, developing and retaining top talent
  • Tactics for scaling, developing and retaining talent
  • The role of continuous learning in team building
  • Tales from the trenches on improving team culture and morale
  • Getting in front of turn-over, preparation and handling the inevitable


  • Bruno Miranda, Senior VP of Engineering at Doximity (moderator)
  • Ted Mao, VP Engineering at Bond
  • Matthew Staver, CTO at Verdant Services

Virtual Booth

Lohika is a platinum sponsor of Elevate Fall Summit 2021. We’ll have a virtual booth in the online environment.

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