Elevate Conference 2019 Sponsored by Lohika

July 22, 2019

“It’s important to recruit for company values and complementary strengths on your team. Know who your culture champions are and have them be an active part of your interviewing process and your onboarding process.” Shivani Sharma – Sr Engineering Manager, Slack

On the 7th of August, engineering and product leaders at the top of their fields will meet in San Francisco for yet another edition of the Elevate Summit. The Elevate goal is simple; to get teams to learn how to deliver value, align on strategy, plan for growth and through insightful presentations and networking opportunities, learn how to be a manager that people love to work with.

As a partner for VC-backed startups on strategic software engineering engagements, we at Lohika are proud to be platinum sponsors of the 2019 Elevate summit.

What makes Elevate unique?

The Elevate Summit brings together a list of high-calibre speakers including Chris Slowe, Chief Technology Officer of Reddit, Dana Lawson, Vice President of Engineering at Github and Cathy Polinsky, Chief Technology Officer at Stitch Fix. In addition, thought leaders from companies such as Slack, Robinhood, Netflix, AirBnB, Quora, Microsoft, Stripe, Medium and Lyft will present on various topics from how to attract and hire engineers, the dos and don’ts when it comes to managing remote teams and finding the right balance between being a motivational and realistic leader.

“It’s not about telling your team what to do, It’s about being of service to your team so that they can be effective in what they are doing.” David Murray – CTO

This 1-Day Summit will provide participants with insightful and interactive workshop sessions and a myriad of networking opportunities with industry influencers and top thinkers.

Previous attendees from the 2018 Elevate Summit described the event as a genuine platform and a great opportunity to chat on a one-on-one level with VP’s, Senior Executives and Directors from high level companies. The attendees also received solution oriented feedback to some of the difficulties and challenges experienced in the engineering industry.

“The things that make you good at your job in a certain place – that give you an opportunity at the next level – are not the same things that will make you successful at the next level.” SVP of Platform at Eventbrite