Unpacking the Tension Between Product and Engineering Teams


The title of a well-known book is “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Can we say the same thing about Product and Engineering teams?

There should be a healthy tension between Product and Engineering. Product is focused on commitments for the next release. While Engineering needs to meet the commit date on that release, their focus tends to be on excellence and software quality. In other words, they’re protective over what they create.

What’s the best way to resolve this tension so that Product and Engineering teams don’t “butt heads”? Sergey Soloviov has been in the middle of this tension as both a Product leader and an Engineering leader.

In this CTO Craft Bytes session, an expert panel will share ideas on how to resolve the inter-team tension in a healthy manner.


Sergey Soloviov, Director of Engineering at Lohika

Sarah Hale, Director of Engineering, Unity Gaming Services


Zoe Cunningham, Director at Softwire

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