Our client provides a leading communication platform that enables native integration with CRM, ERP or helpdesk applications. Their software enables businesses to have better customer conversations by integrating all existing customer information and making it accessible immediately to improve customer service.


Consulting services in the following areas:

  • System audit
  • Traceability, logging, metrics and monitoring
  • CI/CD pipeline
  • Containerization & orchestration


Our client rapidly grew and their existing platform couldn't handle the increased load of users and data. Lohika was asked to review their existing system, trace the route of every event through the system and determine the auditability (when events taking too long to process), reliability ( a service/component resilient to failure), maintainability (can the architecture and code be easily maintained) and scalability (can the components handle a spike in traffic) for every component that handles it.


Lohika analyzed core parts of their existing solution, logs and metrics, and provided a technical document with low-level analysis, findings, as well as executable summary – strategy, short term and long term action items. Also, as part of delivery Lohika provisioned and configured a separate environment to mimic existing production infrastructure. Why is this important? – it allows us securely make changes without touching existing production environment.


After two weeks, we were able to provide the client with the first results of system audit including short-term and long-term strategies for improving the platform. As part of an audit we delivered:

  • Enhanced platform with E2E monitoring to be able to troubleshoot issues
  • Introduced event traceability which reduces time for support team. Run redesign of most unreliable components
  • Introduced production like environment with reliable configurable CI/CD pipeline which can be used for performance, failover testing and secure architectural redesign without touching actual production

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