Consulting and Advisory

Performance Testing

Defining AWS deployment able to handle an average load and during peak hours.


Our client is one of Asia's leading low-cost airlines. The company has been named as the world's best low-cost carrier in international travel and airline awards.


Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Performance testing with focus on load, stress, scalability and endurance testing
  • Performance testing tools selection, CI/CD integration and transparent reporting
  • AWS deployment that is reliable, cost-efficient and hardened


Feature teams were working on a new portal including data migration and backward compatibility, but there was no vision on a new solution performance as well as cost-effective and reliable deployment from the resources perspective. No performance test expertise was present on the client side, so Lohika was willing to advise on that too.


Our performance testing team has been working closely with development team to create performance suite to verify a new solution performance according to requested SLAs. As part of a delivery, Lohika created an environment with an identical structure to a future production and created performance suite to mimic user’s load. Having an isolated performance testing environment, a detailed report was provided that included simulation of increasing load from 100 to 1000 hits per second for all APIs, corresponding response times, % of errors, etc.


During the performance testing activities Lohika has proved that a new solution is robust, scalable, fault-tolerant and cost efficient. As part of a delivery, our team:

  • Created performance suite to verify APIs performance according to requested SLAs
  • Defined AWS deployment able to handle an average load and during peak hours
  • Provided recommendations for AWS deployment needed to handle current load
  • Along the way found a few bugs that could not have been found otherwise
  • Verified that autoscaling is properly configured and works as expected for AWS services in use

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