Our client is a fast growing, on-demand delivery company in Mexico and South America. Their mobile app enables consumers to order groceries, food or drugstore medications, and handle financial transactions.


Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Architecture audit and re-design
  • Monolithic and microservices architectures
  • Automated tests
  • Test driven documentation
  • Automated infrastructure
  • CI/CD pipeline
  • Metrics & monitoring in a cloud


With their hyper growth, the company's goal was to expand to other markets. Their existing architecture wasn't able to scale and deliver features to end users in a fast, predictable and reliable fashion. A lot of engineering effort was spent on fixing production issues including outages during and after deployment which led to massive customer order loss. So they were not able to focus on revisiting previous design solutions and existing engineering practices to establish a new strategic foundation for future improvements and business growth.


Our team did a deep dive into the client’s existing architecture, accumulated technical debt and blockers for future improvement and business growth. Based on our experience Lohika suggested to migrate to a microservices architecture. We provided training to the client to explain its benefits and potential fit of microservice architecture into their environment. Having our vision aligned, we decided to gradually migrate to microservice architecture in order to avoid big bang refactoring that would impact their business in a negative fashion. Strategy and best practices proposed by Lohika such as well-defined business bounded contexts for new microservices, safety net via automated tests and test driven documentation, automated repeatable infrastructure, end-to-end reliable CI/CD pipeline, efficient metrics and monitoring, etc. would allow to stop accumulating technical debt, overcome existing technical issues gradually without blocking current business demands.


In six weeks, Lohika demonstrated how to solve existing scalability problems by refactoring existing monolithic solution to microservices. The client was provided with the proof of concept for future microservices architecture as well as guidelines and recommendations for gradual architecture improvements. The recommended approach would allow the client to:

  • Minimize the unintended consequences with every deploy
  • Increase the quality of a shipped product
  • Reduce errors and high latency during peak hours
  • Overcome current architecture limits in terms of time to market

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