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Automated Deployment Pipeline


Our client is part of the world’s largest marketing & digital insights group. It is a global digital agency that blends data science, objective media and captivating experiences to build valuable connections between brands and consumers. The company specializes in strategy, digital marketing, digital creative, media planning and buying, mobile advertising and analytics.


Consulting services in the following areas:

  • DevOps culture
  • CI/CD leveraging Jenkins Groovy SDK, Docker and K8S
  • Application level monitoring using industry standard tools


While scaling their engineering team and migrating into the cloud they had needed a mindset shift towards DevOps in order to harden new engineering processes.


Our team recommended best DevOps practices including unified automated CI/CD process leveraging infrastructure-as-a-code via Terraform, flexible deployment schema into both cloud and on-premise servers as enabler for cloud migration, provided CI/CD practices for more than five of our client’s projects, implemented seamless production roll-out with blue-green deployment approach.


Lohika helped integrate modern DevOps standards and tools. As part of our delivery, we introduced Jenkins Groovy SDK which allowed engineers to build CI/CD pipelines without involving DevOps engineers. This change reduced the number of tools developers were in touch with and significantly reduced time to run test jobs. Automated deployment of all core components and applications was unified, leveraging Docker & Kubernetes as a primary way for all new deployments. Application level monitoring using industry standard tools (Zabbix, NewRelic, etc.) brought by Lohika provided observability of production environment and reduced time spent on fixing production issues.

As a result, various approaches, solutions and enhancements helped our client:

  • Unify deployment process among all projects
  • Move from siloed approach towards end-to-end thinking and ownership
  • Reduced cost for configuration development, maintenance and production environment support

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