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Cloud collaboration platform

We helped boost performance up to 50% compared to the earlier version of the platform.


Our client is always striving for the best user experience. They decided to utilize the latest capabilities of MS Windows platform and to develop the next generation of their desktop application for video communication. They set very high requirements for performance and mobility of their application.

Being a leader in the cloud communications market they actively invest their resources in the development of new frameworks and technologies. Their legacy system was not meeting their requirements for their new desktop application and they needed to migrate to a modern framework that required numerous improvements to meet expected requirements.


Our client provides an interoperable cloud-based video conferencing service that connects participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms.


We joined the project in very early stages and developed a prototype -integration of proprietary backend framework with a modern frontend framework. The developed concept met all requirements and formed the basis of developing a whole application.

During the project, we widely participated in adapting existing solutions to requirements for a new framework. We implemented CodePush library for WPF, developed numerous custom controls that are used in the application for providing better UX. Our experience in CI/CD was used in building application a lifecycle solution.


Based on our analysis and fixes of a number of performance issues, we boosted performance up to 50% compared to the earlier version of the platform. In addition, the client was able to release a new version of their new video conferencing platform on time.

We continue to work with our client to develop and add new features to the platform.

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